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Aims, objectives and target groups

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The aim of this project is the development of methodology in teaching and learning mathematics with the creation of two main tools that can be used by teachers. The tools will be created in such a way in order to be offered as in-service training courses to teachers who teach mathematics to pupils of age 9-18.

A. MATHeatre: Teaching and learning mathematics through math theatre activities
B. MATHFactor: Teaching and learning mathematics through mathematics communication activities

The new methods are expected to make mathematics more attractive to young people, teachers and parents and are expected to compete with current trends of interest activities to young people of age 9-18.

  • Method A includes the development of specimen teaching material and methodology for teaching Mathematics to 9-18 year old pupils using specially designed theatre scenarios with mathematics as a main topic for learning in a direct or indirect approach. The method will include the development of guidelines to teachers on how to design math theatre scenarios, how to apply them and motivate pupils and how to organize theatre festival or competition for developing the interest of pupils for participation and though participation through learn, understand and appreciate mathematics. Developing communication skills and creativity will be part of the methodology. The methodology will be developed into a training course to be offered as a Comenius course to teachers in Europe who teach pupils of this age range.
  • Method B as we live in the century of communications, social media, games, TV-shows etc , we need to bring to the classroom similar activities and use them as methods and tools for improving the learning and to increase the interest of pupils for becoming more active and creative and be actively involved in the learning process. It is proposed to develop this new method as a teaching tool for teachers and as a learning tool for pupils where pupils will be encouraged to communicate mathematics in a new approach. Pupils will be able to be taught and trained by their teachers on how to explain a math theorem, or a mathematical method or a mathematics application in a way that can be understood, appreciated and enjoyed by non-experts. Check out and find the best! It is known from research that learning through reading is absorbed and sustained only at 10% but experimental learning and learning through explaining mathematics could be an absorbed and sustained knowledge of up to 90%.

Target Groups

The project aims to produce methodology and tools which will be used in education.  In this respect the target groups of the project are people and institutions involved in education and education research.

The project also aims to establish two competitions, MATHeatre and MATHFactor, which will target student ages 9-18 and teachers.

It is expected that the competitions will provide an incentive for the development of examples which will eventually be used as innovative educational methods, in which teachers will be trained through the Comenius Course that will be developed by the project and run in different countries.