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MATHFactor Guidelines – Version 1, September 2013

This guidebook provides a preliminary and under evaluation and piloting of the MATHFactor method for learning mathematics though mathematics communication activities. The guidelines shall be helpful to support pupils’ participation in the MATHFactor Europe 2014 Competition. Download here

MATHFactor Europe 2014 Competition Rules

If you plan to participate in this competition please read these rules first. In addition you will have to read the Terms & Conditions found on the Competition Platform within this site. Download here

MATHFactor Terms & Conditions

These conditions have to be accepted before submitting you participation in PHASE 1. Download here.

Le-MATH Manual of Good Practices

This link will take you to a collection of good practices in using mathematics communication in different countries in Europe. Click here

MATHFactor  parent/guardian approval form

This form has to be completed and signed by each pupil participant, signed by their parent/guardian and certified by a notary public and send by email or fax as indicated in the form. The original has to be sent by mail to the address shown. Download here.